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Feminine sportwear for women is what every woman has in her closet.

As a sports fashion designers for nearly a decade and a woman, we've not only tried a lot of women's activewear brands but we also know the struggle of finding workout clothes that actually fit your body correctly.

Whether you're looking for cheap workout clothes to just get you to the gym, athletic wear that looks luxurious in photos, or simply the best place to buy a new pair of shorts for the summer, the search is always difficult.

Still, feminine sportwear for women is something every woman must have.


 Fitness girls


Feminine sportwear for women in 21 century


Today’s massive market for exercise fashion has truly only been around since the fitness craze began in the seventies. Many brands are now offering activewear lines and feminine sportwear for women to fit multi-faceted luxury lifestyles.

Officially the line between gym workouts, interactive home workouts and grabbing a coffee afterwards, has blurred so much that feminine sportswear for women makes up a sizeable part of our wardrobes. Modern gym clothing brands know you might be stretching out from your folding desk, training at lunchtime or putting in a sweaty HIIT class all in the same kit, on any one day. Tight-fitting leggings, yoga pants, sports bras and crop tops are everywhere from the catwalk to cafes. COVID-19 accelerated the trend, with working from home driving a recent surge in sales.

The sports equipment industry relies heavily on the design and development of sports equipment using state-of-the-art technology. Using modern techniques and materials, sports equipment manufacturers are supplied and are surprised every day with new improvements (nicer, more comfortable, more useful) models of sports equipment.

Well-designed workout clothes for women should be made of technical fabrics that wick sweat away, dry quickly, and potentially provide a slight compression to help body feel supported. It should also be well-designed so that nothing rides up or falls down, and it doesn't make you chafe.

Polyester, a lightweight fabric that is breathable, breathes during exercise and sweating, and drains water/sweat from the body are the materials of the future when it comes to sportwear for women. Feminine sportwear for women have to be a streamlined beauty, delicate rebound, abdomen and thin waist, skin-friendly nude feeling, elastic, close-fitting and comfortable, showing a beautiful curve, too.


 Fitness girls


Statistics say: 

  • 89% of women have admitted to wearing sportswear outside of the gym. The most popular time for sporting activewear was lounging at home.
  • 5% of women have worn athleisure to work and 2% on a night out.
  • 75% of the women questioned felt sportswear is comfortable, and stated this was a reason for wearing it.
  • 76% of women felt female activewear can be sexy.


Comfortable, well-fitting women's workout clothes can make or break your motivation to go for a run and hit the gym. If that workout clothing is flattering and makes you feel good, well, that's just the holy grail.



Necessary feminine sportwear for women 


T - Shirts

Long tops and T-shirts are a type of activewear for women who wish to cover their body while they are working out in the gym or are out in the field. A tank top are unique shape ensures ease and comfort of movement during athletics for women.



While sweat-shorts are as comfortable as sweatpants, except that they are quick drying so they make a great option for the summers. Skinny shorts, known as cycling has always held a special place among women because it fits perfectly.


  Skinny shorts for women



Sport leggings are often high-waist and they extend all the way from your waits to your ankles. They are also usually made with a piece of performance fabric, best described as moisture-wicking that takes all the sweat and moisture away from your skin while working out.




Sports Bras

These have to be the most essential innerwear workout clothes for women and are an absolutely necessary type of activewear. The key is to avoid those sports bra that are 100 percent cotton, and instead go for those that are made from a piece of moisture-wicking fabric.



Sport set

Sport sets are a must have today primarily because they are are sexy, secondly because they are quality, and then because they are practical for both the gym and home training.


Sports set for women



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