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High intensity sports bra is certainly something you wanted us to write about.

High intesity exercise can make you feel great and can be an incredible way to lose weight and increase physical fitness.

Even though it has a ton of benefits, high-impact exercise also puts a lot of stress on your body and needs the high impact intensity when we seek an endorphin rush. The fact is that when you move, so do your breasts.


Sports bra



What is a high intensity sports bra?


High intesity sports bra are your best support – better than both your training buddy and your bra.

They are different from low and medium impact bras because they are made for workouts that involve more bouncing and jumping like HIIT and horse riding. Hight impact exercises usually have you ( and your breasts ) bouncing up and down with both feet off the floor, especially if you have larger breasts.

Even if your breasts are small, a quality sports bra is a necessity to contain your boobs as you move. The best high impact sports bras have special design features such as wider straps and more secure bands.They are combining by both compression: pushing the breasts towards the chest and lifting and separating the breasts for the best suport you can get.

High impact activities has a bigger effect on the body including the chest. Breasts don’t have any muscles, so they move independently of the body. They are supported by Cooper’s ligaments. When stretched too much, can cause pain. Pain isn’t the only side effect of these ligaments stretching. If the ligaments were to stretch beyond 60 percent, it could cause irreversible damage. This can results in breasts sagging, and they can be unable to return to their original shape.

Not wearing a high intesity sports bra can also affect performance and change a running pace, believe or not.


How do you choose the right high intesity sport bra for your high impact training?


Your high intesity sport bra should be compress and encapsulate, to contain your breasts from all angles. The straps need to be wide for more support. Bras that can cross at the back and racerbacks can help with this as well.



High intesity sport bra must to be soft and breathable and should to moisture or dry quickly, because, the high intesity exercise needs it.



This is mostly a personal preference, so everyone included both pullover bras and bras with clasps or zippers.


Strap type and adjustability

Strap style is also a personal preference, but those with larger chests might find better support from adjustable straps.



Whether you’re lifting heavy weights while doing a sprint workout on the track, the type of movement you’re doing will affect what kind of bra works best for you.

We recommend trying on the bra, standing in front of a mirror and doing either high-knees or jumping jacks to get a clear view of how the bra holds up to vigorous movement.


Sports bra



Top 5 models of high impact sports bras


Lulemon AirSupport Bra C-DDD Cups

It is unbelievably soft, so much so that woman are skeptical it would really do the job—how could anything so nice also stand up to a super-sweaty long run?


Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra

The band under the bust can be tightened or loosened up to eight inches in back, while the two shoulder straps can easily be lengthened from the front up to 15 inches thanks to Velcro patches. The straps can also be worn either crossed in back, depending on what you find most comfortable.


Brooks Running Dare Crossback Run Bra

It’s incredibly lightweight and breathable, and its near-seamless construction means there are no hot spots likely to cause chafing. Cups are grouped -  A/B, C/D AND DD/E, but if you’re in between sizes we recommend sizing down one for extra compression.


Sweaty Betty Ultra Run Sports Bra

The minimalist silhouette combined with strategically placed ventilation panels and an ultra-breathable, lightweight fabric mean you’ll stay cool and comfortable no matter how much you sweat. A hook in back allows you to alternate between racerback.


Brooks Running Drive 3-Pocket Run Bra

This bra solves both issues with a trio of conveniently placed spots to stash everything, including your phone, ID, keys and even goos or gels. There are two smaller mesh pockets on either side under the arms plus one larger cell phone-size pocket in the back.




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