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Outdoor bike jumpsuit is a new trend for healthy living. Is there anything more beautiful than that?

Cycling is a popular sport, and in the last few years it has been loved by the public, so the demand for cycling all over the world is also increasing. Whether you want to improve your fitness, improve your health, save money, or take care of the environment, cycling to work can be one of the best decisions you will make.

However, cycling is not just about riding. And this sport requires special clothes.

Is that necessary?

Yes, it is.

Bottom line, you can spend $1000s on a bike and all the right gear, but if your muscles are imbalanced, you will never reach your full potential on the bike. In fact, you are at risk of injury, if not riding with pain already. Adequate outdoor bike jumpsuit  restore a healthy range of motion and increase power.

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Why outdoor bike jumpsuit?


Bicycle clothes are worn NAKED BODY. Just like you don't wear underpants and an undershirt under a bathing suit, you don't wear them under a bicycle wardrobe.

By choosing a good cycling suit, you can better protect the body. When we accidentally fall, wear-resistant driving can reduce the area of ​​injury. Comfort and trust are two interdependent concepts when it comes to cycling. Knowing that the clothes will not squeeze during movement, rub, there is a certainty that the goal will be achieved, and the kilometers will be covered in an instant. Based on this, when choosing clothes for cyclists, it is important to be careful with all the details and not to skimp on quality.

Outdoor bike jumpsuit is built on use of high-performance materials in combination with an innovative functional design for cyclists and people that love the outdoors. They are specialize in waterproof and breathable active apparel (rain gear).

Stretchy and breathable fabric wicks moisture away quickly. Compression fabric supports muscle and increases circulation & blood flow. Elastic technology and binding gives a snug fit without any discomfort around the arms and neck lines.

Lightweight gel pad with soft and non-chafing surface absorbs your weight and provides comfort when riding.

There are also pants for cycling suits, which can be used for long-term friction and pressure between the thighs and the seat of the vehicle, and play a role in protecting the body.

Cycling shorts with an insole are necessary for anyone who plans to ride a bike a little more. The insole protects your delicate buttocks from too brutal contact with the seat, it does not retract between the buttocks, there are no seams that scrape and itc. It is very important which position in the background the insole will take, when you are in the saddle a well-positioned insole is pulled back, the bad one moves forward and almost "reveals" the buttocks. At the ends of the legs (and sleeves) it is desirable to have a gel ring (see picture), which prevents slipping along the leg (arm).


Outdoor bike jumpsuit


Outdoor bike jumpsuit are made of fully reflective fabric that let you be seen in the dark, to help keep you visible & safe. Most cycling clothing on the market now uses yellow, red and white, as these colors can allowing drivers or pedestrians to notice you in the long run, to avoid car accidents. The use of this color of cycling clothing also allowing other riders to clearly distinguish the distance between two cars, and even if an accident occurs in the wild, it can also allow people passing by to be determined to perform rescue measures.

In summer, choose sweaty-shouts, breathable and quick-drying fabrics. If it is cold, in principle, choose warm and ventilated fabrics. If it is a bicycle race, try to choose a high waisted  suit with a large fit, because it can play a role in reducing wind resistance.

The suggested size is just for your reference. If your measurement is floating between two sizes, advise choosing the larger size.

Outdoor bike jumpsuit are used by pro cycling teams, bike commuters, mountain bikers, runners, mountain climbers, endurance athletes and anyone who demands a high level of performance from their gear.

 Girl in outdoor bike jumpsuit   


Outdoor bike jumpsuit must have:


  • Outer layer protects from moisture and wind;
  • The average performs a thermofunction;
  • Safe colors;
  • Functional fabric;
  • An appropriate size that protects the body.


Enjoy riding your bike for years to come!



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