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Women, we understand your torment. Whether you’re walking, running or exercising in a gym, you’ll need the best gym bra that’s comfortable, supportive and easy to get on and off. Sure, your favourite gym bra should be good-looking, too.

First sports bra invented the first one back in 1977. Lisa Lindahl was fed up with running in her regular underwire bra by fashioning together two jock straps. Throughout the last few years, big brands like Reebok, Brooks, and Lululemon have dedicated themselves to making the best gym sports bras on a top priority. From creative construction and technology that cuts back on bounce to designs that keeps you comfy.

Many brands now design based on the understanding that your boobs don't just bounce up and down when you jog, jump, or twist. They actually move in a sort of figure - eight, often bumping into each other. “You not only need support underneath your breasts, but around the sides and in between,” says Joanna Griffiths, founder of the brand Knix.

Good sports bra reduce the force that exercise may have on your breasts, it helps prevent soreness and pain and protects them from any long-term damage.


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How to find the best sports bra for your workout? 


First off, you need to keep in mind 4 Needs.



Gym bra should feel more compressed than a regular bra to hold you in, but it shouldn’t be constricting or uncomfortable.


Moisture management:

If you’re going to sweat, you’ll need a bra that wicks moisture from your skin and dries quickly so you won’t stay soaked with sweat. If you’re unsure whether a bra lives up to its moisture - wicking claim, try placing a drop of water on the inside where the fabric touches your skin. If the water beads up, it’s not a wicking material.


Chafing and irritation:

On top of a moisture - wicking fabric, you’ll need a bra that has minimal seams and stitching to help reduce friction during exercise, especially in activities like running where there’s a lot of movement.


Compression - encapsulation:

You may see these terms in the description. They mean that compression bras hug against your body and are best for smaller cup sizes, while encapsulation bras separate breasts for individual support and look more like a regular T-shirt bra beneath clothes.



For upper body movement, a racerback style gives you a greater range of motion. For extra support, look for bras with an built-in or removable cups. If you have trouble finding a good fit, try a style with adjustable straps and hook - eye closures.

How to find the right size?

If you’re of a larger size, you’ll find that a high impact sports bra is exactly what you’ll need to keep it all in place. If you’re of a smaller cup size, ranging from A to B, you may get away with wearing a regular sports bra. When selecting the best gym sports bra, make sure you get the fit right. You can do so at a store or at home.

To find your band size, take the narrowest area around your breasts, which is measured at the top of the bust. Then for your bust size, measure around the fullest part of your bust. Do some simple math and subtract the two measurements. The difference in inches translates to your cup size.


Difference in inches

Cup size

















Shopping for sports bras can be surprisingly hard. There are so many different shapes, tiers of support, and fabrics, and as with any workout gear. We offer you a few ideas for each exercise.



The best 3 gym sports bra


1.The best sports bras for low-impact exercise

For low-impact workouts like yoga, Pilates and Barre, the most comfortable options are compression sports bras because they’re lightweight and move with your body.

This sports bra looks more like a tank top with stylish strappy backs.


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2.The best gym sports bras for medium - impact exercise

For low-intensity cardio training and dance - based workouts, choose a bra with more coverage and thicker straps.

You still need support to minimise bounce when you maintain faster-paced movement such as jogging, especially if you have a bigger bust.


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3.The best gym sports bras for high-impact exercise

For running, circuit training and any exercise that pushes you into high - intensity heart rate zones, look for encapsulation or encapsulation - compression sports bras, which give your breasts more support.

Your bra should have wide straps — those that cross at the back will give you extra stability if you need it — and moisture-wicking materials, which will keep your bra from slipping during sweaty workouts.


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