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Women's athletic tops did not miraculously become so popular.

Given the rise of the sports activity, women’s sportswear has undergone a massive transformation. From hoodies and crop tops to swimsuits, the whole dynamics of athletic wear for women has changed. This was particularly influenced by the trend in which fitness and workout-specific clothes can also be worn in a variety of other occasions and settings.

Women's athletic tops stood out the most, because they are the greatest proof that they can be worn in different variants and styles.

It is very important to choose a good quality top for your running or gym session because they can affect your performance.

Take a look at some of the most popular types of women's athletic tops!


Tank Tops


Traditionally, tank tops are worn by women as athletic wear.

Tank tops are an excellent fitness clothing option given the way they are designed and manufactured. They usually have large armholes and neck holes that ensure great durability. They also allow passing of air through the fabric during an intense workout session which is why you will see the majority of women wearing these sleeveless shirts during their athletic events.

A special kind of tank top is called a muscle shirt, also known as a shooter shirt in the United States. They were particularly popular back in the 1980s and were normally associated with gym enthusiasts and athletes, which is how they got this unique name.

Tank tops are buttonless, pocketless and collarless, and since they are specially designed for a tight fit, they are often made from ribbed cotton.


 Women athletic tops

Long-Sleeved Shirts


Long Women ' s athletic tops and long-sleeved shirts are a type of activewear for women who wish to cover their arms while they are working out in the gym or are out in the field.

These kinds of workout clothes are great during warm-up sessions before you begin your workout in your- ditch tank tops. They are also meant to be a tight fit so they are made from materials that easily stick to the body and don’t get in the way of your fitness regime.

Long-sleeved shirts and tops offer a number of benefits as handy activewear for women. They provide a lot of comforts while working out and ensure improved performance. Often made with high-tech polyester which is a moisture-wicking fabric, these shirts draw moisture away from the body and don’t hang on to your sweat.


Women athletic tops



Not exactly a tank top but similar to one, Racerbaks are characterized by their “T” shaped back just behind the shoulder blades. This unique shape ensures comfort of movement during athletics for women.

One of the best parts about Racerbacks is their amazing cut that helps one showcase their back muscles. What is even better than this is that when you wear them, you can easily check your form in the mirror during an intense workout and can also analyze the way your muscles work.

You can find top-quality Racerbacks at some of the best sports brands like Adidas and Nike and take your workout sessions to a whole new level.




The most important models of Women ' s athletic tops 


Women's athletic tops long sleeve with recycled fabric+


This women's athletic tops with long sleeve has special designed thumb hole ensure the sleeve together with your every single move.
Melange color provide fashion looks, high breathability and hydrophilic keep you far away from sweety enbarrassment. This is a great T-shirt for your inddor & outdoor sports.


 Women athletic tops


Women's tactile jackquard zipper long sleevecrop top


This is a slim fit designed long sleeve crop top with zipper cental front. Thumb hole makes the sleeve suit for your hand as every moves, It is also great for everyday occasions!



Women athletic tops


Acid washed lower cut line sports tank


The tank is seamless 4-way stretch kintted, acid washed color is special and durable. Strong edges at the neck and arm keep the shape steady. Racer back design can free and cool the body.


Women athletic tops


Women's recycled polyester sleeve tee shirt


The last variant goes with all the others together in the competition. Short sleeve increase the range of motion, cut-out fabric keep the body dry and cool all day.


Women ' s athletic tops



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