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Do you prefer yoga, running or HIIT training?

No matter, before you set off on your favourite physical activity, you'll have to consider which workout top to wear for that training, right?

The perfect workout top for women who prefer lower-impact fitness activities like yoga, pilates, and barre isn’t going to necessarily be the best workout top for women who prefer higher impact aerobic practices like spinning, boxing, running and weight-lifting who will want to go for an option with greater compression to hold everything comfortably in place without cutting off the circulation.

In your lovely activewear workout tops you'll stand out whether you wear these during a workout or as casual wear when you go out for drinks, a day at the park or a festival.


Patchwork tank top Sheila


The most popular workout tops for women


1.Solace Support Top

This is supportive bra in quick drying tank top which will keep you from feeling any discomfort so you can focus on the workout at hand. It's breathable, offers UPF 30 protection, and is made from recycled nylon.


Luxury top Karen


2.Sweatee Longline Tank Top

This is the tank you'll want to wear 24/7, whether you're running laps around your block or sitting at home while sipping some bear. This workout bra is sweat-wicking cotton blend tank earns which makes it comfortable.


Push up bra Peggy


3.Muscle Love Crop Tank Tough

This workout top will show your abs in the best way and in all colors. Its designed for those on the move, so don't be afraid to get sweaty in this top. The fabric is quick drying.


Strap sports bra Judy


4.Halo Bra Tank in Black

You can forgo wearing a sports bra when you slip on this workout tops. It has four-way stretch and is moisture wicking. The extra strappy detail gives the tank a seductive feel, which means you can easily take this top from studio to the streets.


5.Lux Tiger First Class Cropped Tank

This tiger print racerback top is made for you then because it's fierce and strong. With the matching bottoms you'll feel like an tigress.


Leopard print set Stasha


6. Sweatee T-Shirt

You'll find yourself buying many of these tees simply because they feel like air on your skin. This workout tops will whisk away the sweat on a hot afternoon and in in a hot gym.

So, workout tops for women are a serious matter to decide, arent dear women?

If you’re re-upping on all of your workout basics, don’t forget to consult our guides to the best workout tops for you.



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